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The digital age has provided professionals with a lot of content that they can use to improve themselves and advance their careers. Then again, there is so much content that it can be hard to know what content is worth investing time into and what should be avoided.

TED Talks are often considered a gold standard for content on the topics that they cover. Anyone looking to be more successful in life should know the best TED Talks for all professionals who are looking to get better.

One of the most popular TED Talks for professionals is on the topic of procrastination. Tim Urban covers the concept for his audience, and he lets them know that there are actually two kinds of procrastination. One kind is bad because it lets problems pile up, but the other can be helpful because sometimes leaving something alone is necessary. Doing so might just mean waiting for it to take care of itself, or you might just be holding off on it until you know what you want or can do about it.

Amy Cuddy hosted another must-watch TED Talk. She covered nonverbal communication and body language. People pick up on this more than you think, but your nonverbal communication is just about conveying a message to them. It’s actually almost a conversation with yourself. Your level of self-confidence will always be truly evident and convince others whether you are truly worthy of their time and attention or not.

One interesting TED Talk was hosted by a neuroscientist who covered research showing the positive impact of video games on the plasticity of the brain. Regular video game players have broader attention spans and can handle more complex tasks. Learning performance and vision are also positively impacted. This correlates well with data showing that surgeons who play video games an hour a day on average have fewer surgical errors in the operating room.

TED Talks are enjoyed by many because they are not just informative but also inspiring and even entertaining. At the least, they’re usually conducted by experts who have specific expertise and unique insights into the topic that they discuss. Most TED Talks will offer you ideas and perspectives that you have never considered before.